Making of the M-Store, second season 2014, concept store: 
MON.KRAFT (Craft World). 
IED Interior Design Master collaboration.
Wood, glass, leather, copper, iron... all treated from by master artisan, but still   taking advantage of the improvements that  technology can provide. That’s how the pieces in the new “Món Kraft” (Craft World in english) themed section of the M-Store have been made. 
Leather wallets, notebooks with leather covers, pen-knives, bowie-knives, pencil sharpeners, bottle openers, leather iPhone cases, old-school hole punches, vintage-inspired ashtrays, etc. Our idea was to bring back tools, games and traditional elements and update them, giving them a modern twist.
With this traditional fabric wood box layout, our products are going to be displayed along with the center showcase designed by Jean Nouvel.

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