Ever since I was little, I have felt passionate about Interior Design and Architecture. Today, after having studied and worked in three countries, I know that by combining my passion with hard work I am well on my way to achieving my goal of becoming an influential interior designer. 
While studying my undergraduate degree in Caracas (Venezuela) this mind-set led me to receive two awards, and become Valedictorian.
After two years working at Stylus, a high-end Italian furniture store with an in-house Interior Design Studio where I contributed to increase sales and productivity by creating a photo inventory; I continued my studies in Barcelona (Spain), joining the Interior Design Master – Commercial Spaces in IED. There, I again proved that hard work pays off when my teammate and I won IED’s Best Final Project Award with Itinerant.
Wishing to further expand my horizons, I then joined the Interior Architecture Master program at UCLA Extension – Cal Poly Pomona. This, in turn, enabled me to realize my dream of working in the United States: first as a volunteer at ASID, then at a top design firm (Gensler) and later in a successful and highly influential local firm (StudioBV).
I first joined the board of the ASID UCLA Extension Student chapter as Web Master (to help improve the website) and also acted as Lead Designer & Coordinator for Labor of Love (the 2016 Community Service Project). I was also selected by the President of the ASID LA Chapter as Co-Chair of Where Hope Lives (Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House Remodel). Both projects were an amazing opportunity to work with two communities close to my heart while gaining cultural awareness and creating and nurturing a professional network. 
In the summer of 2016 I got an internship at Gensler LA (Hospitality Studio). There, I pushed myself daily, learning from others, and showed passion, proficiency and dedication every step of the way.
Demonstrating my work-ethic and polyvalence during the internship opened the doors to my dream job: I joined Gensler Minneapolis as an Interior Designer and got assigned to The Dayton’s Project, a very high profile and ambitious historic repositioning.
Throughout my career, each experience has made me grow exponentially as a designer. While working on Dayton’s, in addition to being part of the design team, preparing marketing packages and helping to reduce costs when coordinating procurement; I also got assigned to work as part of the architecture team (bid packages, bulletins and coordination with MEP and consultants) in recognition of my technical and organizational skills. 
Paralelly, during my three years at Gensler, I also participated in a range of workplace and higher education projects where I got to work directly with the clients. Communication was essential to understand their needs and better serve them, and performing all stages of the projects, including running CA, gave me, on multiple occasions, a wide range of experiences that have made me a better and well rounded Certified Interior Designer. 
Driven to give back to the design community, I joined in 2018 and 2019 UMn’s College of Design annual Mentor Program. By representing Gensler and sharing my international perspective, I hoped to inspire students while becoming a better leader. Which proves that helping others within a community helps everyone – including you.
Currently, I’m searching for new opportunities where I can bring my strengths and global design perspective to the table, working with teams from different trades and backgrounds to positively impact projects and client experiences.
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